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"A New Way into your Future"

Become a student of one of the Best Driving School's in Regina
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Well Reputed
Thousands of men and women have successfully obtained employment and began careers operating trucks, with the help of our job-oriented training. You can too! Choose the best path to your new career.
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Experienced Instructors
Our trainers have years of experience in the industry and know how things work in the transportation business. All our Instructors are SGI Certified trainers. 
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Reasonable Prices
We offer training at prices that are less than our competitors so you can have peace of mind while learning and also learn from the best instructors in town.
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Payment Plans via Paybright
We are glad to announce that we now offer Payment plan options as we have partnered 
with Paybright to offer this benefit to our customers. 

More possibilities 

to grow your Career

Virtually everything you touch, eat or wear has been on a truck at one time or another. It is estimated that 80% of the current drivers will be retiring in the short years to come.

Income Increase

 A study produced by the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council estimates the industry needs nearly 224,000 new drivers - 37,000 annually.             

Flexible Timings

Our Driving School in Regina offers complete flexibility to students. Students c

Life Long Skills

We not only provide our students with driving training, but we also pride oursel

Get More Confident

Our instructors are not only qualified and experienced but are also extremely co

Easily Pass Exams

Neway Driving School offers all of the necessary courses that any student needs

Drive Safe
Affordable Prices
Get Experience
Get Employed

Other Services

  • A broad range of in class and hands on training

  • Skills training programs for commercial vehicles

  • Emphasis on defensive driving; we teach how to handle emergencies, accident prevention and safe driving under any weather conditions

  • Qualified and experienced instructors who take great pride in their work.

  • Instructions in English and other languages

  • We offer placement services to ensure that our students can find employment

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    Our Goal

    We are committed to providing students with the necessary skills and confidence, through step-by-step instruction and on-the-road experience. Our instructors are specifically trained to identify student`s strengths and weaknesses and personalize instruction according to the student`s individual needs.

  • Now You Know Us

    Our Goal

    We believe in getting our learners ready for the road and combating nerves is one of the most important aspect of getting them ready for the road. We understand that there will be some students who will be very nervous about the prospect of driving. We have instructors who will pay attention to every small problem of every learner including the nervous ones. Our instructors will ensure that such nervous learners get the appropriate time and attention to cure their nerves and get them ready for real-life driving.


Packages We Offer

Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT)

The new standards will require drivers seeking a Class 1 commercial licence to take a minimum 121.5 hours of training. That includes a minimum of 47 classroom hours, 17.5 hours in the yard and 57 hours behind the wheel. The new curriculum will include instruction in a classroom, in the yard and behind the wheel.

$ 12600
MELT Training

3-4 Weeks ( 121.5 Hrs )Driving Time 57 HrsClassroom Time 47 HrsCircle Check, Coupling 17.5 Hrs ** This Price Does not Include** Taxes and SGI Test Fee. ' TOTAL PRICE = MELT TRAINING + TAXES + SGI TEST FEES ' For More Information Call

$ 3500
Class 3 Training

** This Price Does not Include** Taxes and SGI Test Fee. ' TOTAL PRICE = CLASS 3 TRAINING + TAXES + SGI TEST FEES ' For More Information Call

$ 500
Air Brakes

** This Price Does not Include** Taxes and SGI Test Fee. ' TOTAL PRICE = AIR BRAKES + TAXES + SGI TEST FEES ' For More Information Call

See Section below for Payment Plan

  • You can pay for your Neway Driving school classes via payment plans now.

You can now apply for financing

with Paybright

We are happy to announce that Neway Driving School has  partnered with PayBright so that we can offer the option of financing to our customers.


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